Roberto Lizarazu With over twenty years experience in advertising and custom publishing, Roberto Lizarazu has developed a career as a designer, developer and director for the most prestigious national and international brands. The knowhow he has acquired throughout this time has helped pave the way for the founding of his own design and contents studio. This space contains a universal vision for the needs of each product, and seeks solutions in both the digital and analogical aspects within the advertising field and the publishing world; offering a solution that is created to empower all-around growth.
Publishing Knowing what to say. Knowing how to say it and who to say it to. We create customized mass-consumption productions that possess intelligent design and content, which adapt to each company’s communication and marketing needs. Custom publishing generates brand awareness and customer loyalty, making it one of the market’s most effective communication tools.
Advertising We live in a world that is constantly barraged by advertising: be it via social networks, print media, TV, outdoors advertising, etc; a universal environment in which every company is looking to stand out and set itself apart from the rest.
Our mission is to find the uniqueness that represents each product, and identify the target consumer, achieve segmentation through the media, and create a unique concept that makes each brand visible and attractive.
Mobile Nowadays, everything is shared through technology: passions, doubts, discoveries and interests. We are social and technological beings, immersed in a system that advances at great speed and which we must accompany by updating ourselves, growing, and adding all the latest developments. We have found the way to keep up with the world.

Verano Magazine Digital

Digital Version of  Verano Magazine, Punta del Este’s leading Magazine with its 2013 and 2014 editions.

App Starwood

Aplication for Starwood Hotels & Resort for organizing the best business and pleasure trips. Published in Spanish, Ingles, and Portuguese.

RA Manzi

Aplication reality increased
for magazines

Manzi Publicidad SA.


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